System of Nindo

Way of Nindo


As a first step in the way of “Nindo”, you will first take an introductory exam.
After passing the introductory examination, according to your own wishes;

“Yo-nin” course to learn teaching of ninjutsu from learning by text
course to learn Ninjutsu from teachers who practice Ninjutsu in Dojo

You can go to one of these courses, or both.

Ninja needs both intelligence and practice, so let’s learn both to become an excellent ninja.



Introductory exam


In the introductory exam, you will learn about the general basic knowledge of the ninja in the designated text.

After learning with text, we will hold a simple web exam.

Japanese only now. Overseas version is in preparation.



Joining a member of Nindo

Japanese only now. Overseas version is in preparation.



Long ago, there were two kinds of people who were bewitched, “Yo-nin” and “In-nin”.

“Yo-nin” are those who gather information by entering enemies while expressing their figure with wisdom and thought of counsel.
“In-nin”are those who gather information by entering into sincerity by using techniques to hide his form.

The finest ninja need to master these techniques. In the system of Nindo, we certify the grade and level of each course “Yo-nin” and “In-nin”. And when the rank and level of “Yo-nin” and “In-nin” reach the same level, we will recognize the position as a true ninja “Inyo-nin”.



Yo-nin Course

In the “Yo-nin” course, you will learn the general knowledge of ninja and teaching of ninjutsu from learning by texts and seminars. You will learn ninjutsu from ninja art books, and examine the examination by e-learning or written exam. Please refer to the following for the official texts and ninja letters in each class and stage.

Official Textbook

The outline summary of “Yo-nin” ‘s grade position test and rank order test will be updated at “News” from time to time.


In-nin Course

The “In-nin” course will learn practical Ninjutsu from a teacher who has mastered Ninjutsu in the dojo. You can learn at the following dojo, so if you pass the introductory examination, please visit each lesson from the nearby dojo and apply for participation.

List of members (dojos and individuals)

After a certain number of training days has elapsed, if permission from Ninja teacher gets down, you will conduct a promotion and upgrade review. Please submit an application form to the designated dojo at the dojo and receive promotion / upgrade examination.

About the license

When you upgrade the grade, the Japan Ninja Council delivers a license to you. Regarding procedures concerning the issuance of the certificate and the amount etc., we will show you when you pass the examination.