About League


What is the Japanese Ninja Council

JAPAN NINJA COUNCIL is the world’s only official organization composed of groups including municipalities, organized with the aim to spread the culture of the Japanese Ninja, something that has long been veiled in mystery. Looking ahead to the year 2020, various groups have come together to form the council under the nationwide network of local governments, universities, tourism associations, private organizations and business institutions. The council is designed to promote tourism, culture, and to contribute to the local economy through the Ninja, sparing no effort in researching, collecting and offering the information on Ninja to others.


Main activities of the Japanese Ninja Council

1. Excavation of a ninja

It is unraveling the truth about ninja’s historical life, technology, spirit and elucidation of the mystery that the unnamed people left to us today. We are collaborating with the International Ninja Society and are mainly involved in public relations roles.

2. To inherit the Ninja / Ninjutsu to the future

We will preserve the original value of ninja / ninjutsu, tell the knowledge and technology to modern society, and leave it in future generations. “Nindo” is an activity to convey the valuable things left behind by the predecessors’ persistent people to future generations.

3. Creation and dissemination of ninja culture

We will create the ninja / NINJA culture that has been evolved by being fascinated by historical ninja in such a way as to be accepted by modern people. Through collaboration with companies, we continue to ask the world about the form of ninja people are enthusiastic about.