SHIKI-no-MORI Ninjutsu Dojo


Practice place

Yokohama-shi Asahi-ku Koharu-cho 1306-8

Practice date

Second Sat. 10:30~11:30 am.
【Aug, Sept. 】
First & Second Sat. 10:30~11:30am
Second Sat. 10:30~11:30 am.
11/2,11/9 10:00〜12:00 am.(Ninjutsu and Bujutsu 1-hour each)
12/7,12/14 10:00〜12:00 am.(Ninjutsu and Bujutsu 1-hour each)


【First time】
・Membership fee:8000yenFee included
・Sports insurance (yearly):Adult fee 1850yen、children’sfee 800yen
* When you participate in the lesson of [Shiki no Mori Ninjutsu Dojo] for the first time, Membership fee of [Shiki no Mori Ninjutsu Dojo] is necessary separately.
If you are already an introductory person and want to receive [Nindo] training, pay a fee for per lessons.
【Every time】
・In-nin lesson : 3000yen per lessons
・We also receive your consultation on private lesson.
Private Lesson : 6000yen per hour

If you would like to add classes other than [In-nin], please click following address.

Ninja teacher

Jube Yamato

From 1961 / Kanagawa prefecture
Yamato Shindenryuu / Yamato Budo Soshi / Imperial Sword Martial Arts Association Yokohama Branch Headquarters / Iga-ryu Shuriken The Championships (6th, 8th) Champion
Began practicing martial arts since age 9 and practicing swordsmanship, iaigaki, jiu-jitsu, kempo, stick surgery, shuriken technique, archery, aiki, ninjutsu, qigong, maneuvering etc for many years. Currently I am teaching as a martial arts “Yamato Cartoon flow Yamato Bodo” to organize the arts and policies such as old martial arts and ninjutsu which I have gained and to convey the heart of Japanese.


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